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Zirconium oxide (ZrO2)

Zirconium oxide is an extremely resistant material. It can withstand temperatures well above the melting point of aluminum and does not corrode. It also has a low thermal conductivity.
It is electrically conductive at temperatures above 600 ° C and is often used in oxygen sensor cells in high temperature induction furnaces.

Its characteristics are:

  • highest edge strength

  • temperature resistant up to 2400 ° C

  • high density

  • high flexural strength (tough)

  • poor thermal conductivity (20% of aluminum)

  • chemically inert

  • highest surface quality

  • high mass (density 6.0 g / cm3)

  • high thermal expansion (similar to steel)

  • extremely heat insulating

  • electrically insulating

  • Color: yellow, white or ivory

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