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Ceramic components

JBC keramische Komponenten

Sealing washers
The diamond-like hardness prevents dirt, metal chips, rust, sand or lime from causing damage to the disc. The extremely good corrosion resistance ensures the sealing elements have a long service life.

Valve sets
The valve sets consisting of ball and seat are fastened by clamps, screws or shrinking and contribute to the solution of abrasion and cavitation problems in control and shut-off valves.

Piston and plunger
Thanks to the highly polished surface of the ceramic parts, the friction and thus the frictional heat that occurs is minimal. Solids cannot attack the diamond-hard surface. Due to the low specific weight, smaller masses have to be accelerated or decelerated and the drive can be designed correspondingly smaller.


The constant nozzle cross-section combined with optimal spray agent distribution (problem-free even with aggressive media) are convincing. Downtimes and repair costs of the process units are reduced to a minimum.


Containment shells
The chemical pump is hermetically sealed due to magnetic coupling. The sliding properties of the ceramic pistons ensure a longer service life of the sealing elements in high pressure pumps.


Slip rings
Tried and tested particularly with dirt and chemical pumps that are at risk of running dry, as well as with mechanical seals without barrier fluid and external flushing.


Shaft covers
The excellent chemical resistance, the good thermal conductivity and the weight savings make ceramic materials the ideal choice in pump construction for bearing, supporting and guiding.

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