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General terms and conditions

1. Making an offer

All our offers, in writing, by telephone or verbally, are non-binding. We strive to adhere to the prices, quantities, qualities and delivery times offered.


2. Order acceptance

All orders require written confirmation or an invoice from us to be valid. Oral or telephone contracts are only concluded to the extent that we expressly make use of these rights. We are not obliged to stock up on the ordered goods immediately or to have them ready in Germany before the delivery date.


3. Prices

The prices refer to the confirmed or invoiced services ex our company. The prices are not applicable for excess or short quantities or for repeat orders. VAT, freight, postage and packaging (will not be taken back) are not included in the prices and will be charged separately. All prices are based on the wages, costs, duties and exchange rates known on the day of confirmation. If these increase in the time up to delivery, we reserve the right to adjust the prices accordingly. We reserve the right to set a minimum invoice amount as well as to offset an order cost component and to cancel discounts for small invoices.


4. Quantity tolerance

We reserve the right to over- or under-deliver the agreed quantity for technical reasons.


5. Delivery times

All information on expected delivery times is non-binding. They are made to the best of our knowledge, as they can be adhered to with normal delivery and under proper circumstances. Claims for damages due to delay in delivery are excluded. If the buyer withdraws from the contract due to a delay in delivery, we are entitled to invoice the costs incurred.


6. Force Majeure

All events and circumstances that we cannot influence and that affect the performance of the contract are deemed to be force majeure. We are entitled to cancel orders in whole or in part without compensation if force majeure, be it with us, with our suppliers or en route, makes it impossible to fulfill them.


7. Benefits and Risks

Benefit and risk are transferred to the buyer when the goods are dispatched, ie as soon as the goods leave our premises. It is the responsibility of the buyer to insure the goods against damage and loss during transport. Any complaints must be made to the transport company concerned before taking over the goods.


8. Payment terms

Our invoices are payable without any deduction. The payment period is 30 days from the invoice date. After giving notice of default, we are entitled to charge default interest (customary current account interest rate plus 1%) and expenses.


9. Tools and molds

Tools and molds remain our property, even if pro rata costs are offset.


10. Property Rights

Brands, drawings and projects remain our property. It is not permitted to use, reproduce or pass them on to third parties without our express permission.


11. Guarantee and liability

In the event of verifiable manufacturing or material defects in the delivered goods, we undertake to provide replacement delivery or repairs at our discretion within the statutory or contractually specified period. In the event of improper storage or treatment, overuse or unsuitable use, we reject any warranty or other liability. The assertion of further claims against us, in particular for cancellation, reduction in price or compensation for direct or indirect damage, is excluded. The provisions of the Product Liability Act PrHG remain reserved.


12. Notification of defects

Notices of defects must be submitted in writing immediately after receipt of the goods, but no later than within 8 days. If there is no notice of defects within this period, the shipment is deemed approved.


13. Place of performance, place of jurisdiction and law

The place of performance and jurisdiction is our legal domicile. Swiss law applies.


14. Changes and additions

Changes and additions to the general terms and conditions require our written confirmation to be valid.


15. Scope

Our general terms and conditions are binding for the present as well as for future business (including oral deals); The right to change or revoke them remains reserved.

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