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JBC ball bearings

Due to its versatility and the favorable price-performance ratio, the JBC steel ball bearing is the most frequently used type of bearing.


In addition to the standard steel version, JBC ball bearings are also available in a more corrosion-resistant version. Of course, at JBC this also applies to spherical plain bearings and rod ends.


Generally these are referred to as rustproof ball bearings. However, this designation is not entirely correct, since hardenable steels are never really "rust-free" but only corrosion-resistant. The material we use, AISI 440 C, has rust-inhibiting properties.



JBC Stahllager.jpeg

The most commonly used steel for our rolling bearings is type DIN 100Cr6. This high-quality steel is characterized by the following properties:

  • good wear resistance

  • great hardness

  • great dimensional stability

  • great mechanical resistance

Steel bearings are mainly used in standard applications such as in vehicle construction, in electrical appliances, etc. Please let our experts advise you.

Stainless steel
The type AISI 440C is used here.
This is particularly characterized by its good corrosion resistance. Most JBC ball bearings can also be supplied in this steel variant on request.

Already knew? JBC even supplies spherical plain bearings made of this material!

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