JBC ceramic bearings

JBC ceramic ball bearings and hybrid ball bearings


Choose between full ceramic ball bearings and hybrid ball bearings with ceramic balls.


Ball bearings JBC


Material cage:
PTFE, NYLON, PEEK, steel or without (full complement)


P0 for full ceramic bearings and P0-P4 for


Hybrid bearing JBC

Compared to pure steel bearings:

  • higher speed due to lighter weight

  • more precise due to greater hardness

  • more durable thanks to less abrasion

  • Use at higher temperatures possible

  • lower thermal expansion

  • less thermal deformation

  • does not need lubrication

  • rust-free (only full ceramic bearings)

  • Acid, base and salt resistant (only all-ceramic bearings)

  • suitable for foodstuffs (only all-ceramic bearings)

  • non-magnetic (only full ceramic bearings)


JBC Keramische Lager

While the hybrid ball bearings are particularly impressive due to their speed / weight, precision / hardness and longevity, all-ceramic ball bearings also offer all of the other advantages mentioned.
Silicon nitride bearings are of a slightly higher quality than zirconium oxide bearings as they can withstand higher temperatures and are more resistant to acids, bases and salts.


Application examples:
High-performance motors, high-precision machines, dental instruments, inline skates, and much more