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JBC technische Planung

Welcome to JBC

JBC has been producing rolling bearings, ceramic balls and ceramic components for various industrial customers since 2003.

Our steel bearings, which have been in use for years, have found loyal customers around the world.

At the customer's request and due to new regulations, we have supplemented this balanced range with ceramic products.

With the numerous ceramic materials we have focused on 3 raw materials:

Most of our ceramic products are formed by cold isostatic pressing.
Silicon nitride products are manufactured using the gas sintering process, while zirconium oxide products are processed using the normal pressure sintering process.

The advantages of cold isostatic pressing ensure the consistent quality of our products.
At the same time, we are also able to use other molding methods such as dry pressing, slip casting or injection molding. Our production is equipped with the most modern machines and can use almost any processing method.

Our in-house test center ensures that every product, regardless of the method used, leaves our factory in perfect quality.

Find out more about individual products (e.g. ball bearings , ceramic balls ).

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